Workers Compensation and USL&H

Diverse Programs

 Whether you are looking to insure a cannabis operation, roofer, manufacturer, or maritime exposure with thousands of employees, our workers compensation department has the carrier for you.

Depending on your individual needs and business structure we will explore options ranging from:

  • Standard Carriers "A" rated by A.M. Best Company
  • Self Insured Programs
  • PEO's
  • Staff Leasing
  • Pay As You Go(monthly self reporting)

The spectrum from small office exposures to the most difficult construction or transportation risks can easily find a a cost effective program designed to your billing preference with us. Below are some of our preferred billing options:

  • Monthly(set amount)
  • Monthly(self reporting)
  • Quarterly
  • Semi Annually
  • Yearly
  • Financed

Businesses experiencing HIGH EXPERIENCE MODS, extreme loss frequency, and/or shock losses quite often end up paying a much higher rate than necessary. They typically are told they either have to be placed with STATE FUND or only have one additional option, that  is not true. Allow us to use our carrier relationships and market knowledge to show you all of the options available to you, chances are there are more than you think and we can save you money.

Our commitment to you includes:

  • Audit Assistance
  • Ensure predictable payments
  • Deliver best markets, prices, terms
  • Expedite claims quickly & efficiently
  • Keep highest ethical standards
  • Provide best in class solutions and service for you